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Lacrosse Coach John Tersigni Begins Summer Series

DETROIT, Mich. — With the inaugural season of men’s lacrosse action planned for 2013-14, head coach John Tersigni is set to embark on a summer recruiting mission that will heat up and the athletic department’s blogger site.

Below you will find Tersigni’s first submission — “Summertime is Lacrosse Time” — in the summer-long series that will allow prospective recruits, parents, and Mustang fans to follow the program as it heads into its historical first season of action.

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“Summertime is Lacrosse Time”

As another lax season comes to an end and State and National Championships are in play, it seems that summer will harken the end of lacrosse for another year.  However, for many college coaches the season is far from over; it has merely met its halfway point.  Summer break from school AND lacrosse means it is time for those students motivated and determined to make it and play at ‘the next level’ to kick their game into high gear. Club teams and travel teams will soon begin practicing for summer games, team camps and tournaments.  Since many of these tournaments are organized specifically as recruiting opportunities, the travel schedule for college coaches begins to fill up quickly.  It is very difficult to get around during our own lacrosse season to see all the talent that is out there and, for college coaches, summer tournaments are an invaluable opportunity for us to have a chance to see these talented student-athletes in person.

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FYI – My schedule has just become jam-packed. 

With recruiting opportunities within the state of Michigan as well as out of state, traveling to each ‘hotspot’ is a must in order to build a top notch program. This summer’s stops will include the usual in state suspects such as the Great Lakes Invitational and Cherry Bomb as well as stops in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Upstate New York.  But, as the sport has grown wildly over the past few years, the recruiting trail will take me to some non-traditional lacrosse hotbeds such as Missouri, Georgia and Tennessee.  The hope is that with these visits I will be able to continue to build recognition for Marygrove College.  These many stops throughout the country will also help to identify our lacrosse program as program that can and will draw the best student-athletes nationally, not just locally.

I will attempt to provide a travel log, of sorts, this summer to help keep the Marygrove family and our friends up to date with all the gains our program is making this summer.

— Coach John Tersigni


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