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Sport-Scholarship in US Universities and Colleges

Sport-scholarship is a program of US universities that allows you to pay scholarships to student-athletes based on their athletic and academic performance. Sports scholarships from a US university are an opportunity to get a higher education in the States for free or almost free of charge, while playing your favorite sport and competing in prestigious competitions for your university. The Sports Scholarship Program is offered by about 1,500 US institutions of higher education, providing sports scholarships in 33 sports.

The Academic Scholarship is a scholarship that allows students with high academic achievement to compensate for 30-70% of the tuition fees of tuition costs. Academic scholarships are awarded by various foundations, organizations (public and private), or by the universities themselves. Each university has its own scholarship fund (often formed from contributions from former graduates), which it manages at its own discretion.

Scholarships partially or fully cover the costs of:

Participants in the US Sports Scholarship Program:

  • school students of grades 8-11;
  • students of 1-3 courses.

But if you have no possibility to have a scholarship? But have a great desire to study at the university?

No scholarship – but loan?

In the case of no scholarship, you may apply for a student loan. This will cover your tuitio expenses. But small costs for accommodation, food, clothes, etc may be covered by payday loans Miami FL. This is a financial option issued for a short term. The rates are reasonable, favorable. Besides, there is an option od early repayment. If a student has a part-time job, it becomes possible to pay a payday loan back fast.

Besides, a student doesn’t require to send any certificates to confirm their payment solvency. If he/she is over 18, the guarantee of beein approved is over 80%. Moreover, all the procedure is conducted online. Just have an Internet and a gadget to submit an application. The term of funds depositing is max. 24 business hours.

You are welcome to decide what option to choose to cover great and small expenses.

List of sports for which sports scholarships are issued in the United States:

  • baseball;
  • basketball;
  • bowling;
  • field hockey;
  • football;
  • golf;
  • gymnastics;
  • ice hockey;
  • lacrosse;
  • rifle;
  • rowing;
  • ski;
  • football;
  • softball;
  • swimming;
  • tennis;
  • track, indoor;
  • track, outdoor;
  • volleyball;
  • water polo;
  • wrestling;

We present to your attention the TOP-25 schools with the possibility of applying for a sports scholarship in tennis, as an example:

  • University of Florida;
  • University of California;
  • North Carolina;
  • University of Georgia;
  • Ohio State University;
  • Vanderbilt University;
  • University of Miami (Florida);
  • Pepperdine;
  • Duke University;
  • Auburn University;
  • University of Michigan;
  • Stanford;
  • University of South Carolina;
  • University of Virginia;
  • Oklahoma State University;
  • Georgia Tech;
  • LSU;
  • Texas A&M University;
  • Texas Tech University;
  • University of Southern California;
  • Mississippi State University;
  • Arizona State University;
  • University of Kentucky;
  • University of Texas at Austin;
  • UCLA;

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